Protecting where you
Live, Work, and Play.

We are living in unprecedented times where clean is no longer clean enough. This is when the brands and institutions that you trust – trust AEGIS® to protect the surfaces where you live, work, and play.

Registered with health authorities such as Health Canada, the US Environmental Protection Agency, and the European Union – AEGIS has a history of safe, durable, long-lasting antimicrobial efficacy. 

Protect the surfaces that touch our lives for months at a time with confidence with AEGIS.

Protect Surface Protection Program™


The PROTECT Surface Protection Program adds a new level of clean to provide long-lasting antimicrobial protection to both hard and soft surfaces. Customized to meet your needs, our network of PROTECT PROs will work with you to develop the right combination of surface preparation steps and AEGIS application. 

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Protect Surface Protection Program™


The Protect Surface Protection Program deploys the AEGIS® Microbe Shield® as an enduring antimicrobial solution that provides a residual clean between normal cleaning practices. Surfaces treated with AEGIS® have demonstrated the ability to prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria to protect the surface.



aegis® AEM 5700 | AEM 5772-5

Want to understand aegis®? Watch this short video.


Why work with a PROTECT PRO?

As part of our program, we have developed a network of incredibly dedicated and well-trained team of applicators, the PROTECT PROs. This network has been well vetted in terms of professional business references, has completed a difficult training and certification program, and remains committed to the proper application of PROTECT Surface Protection Program™ with AEGIS®  to each end every surface they are challenged to apply it to. There is no room for applying this kind of technology any less than perfectly. As a lay person one cannot see, feel, or smell that our technologies have been applied to a surface. You need to trust in your applicator. You can trust a Protect Pro to do the job correctly.


Being a PROTECT PRO means that you have completed a comprehensive training program outlining how to apply AEGIS to a wide range of materials using different application techniques. Being a PROTECT PRO allows you access to on-going technical and sales support. PROTECT has a proven methodology for shared success.

AEGIS® is not a disinfectant nor sanitizer.  It is not intended to replace these products in normal cleaning protocols.  Protect Technologies is the Master Distributor of AEM 5700, and AEM 5772-5, known the world over as AEGIS®.  The AEGIS® Microbe Shield® is uniquely used by the PROTECT Surface Protection Program™