Over the last few years, the number and kind of different applications of the AEGIS® Microbe Shield® has grown exponentially.

Protech Transports

Bus, Rail, Subway,

Public transportation systems are considered difficult environments.  There are several reasons for this:

  • Large volume of individuals creating heavy use and wear and tear
  • Common surfaces require strong product protection (stanchions, handrails, doors, buttons, straps, farebox, ticket kiosks, etc.)

Some of North America’s largest transit systems have deployed the Protect Enduring Protection Program™ via Protect Pros or have elected to apply with their own staff.

Case Study


Please take a moment to read the following articles and gain some of insight into why Metrolinx decided to have the Protect Surface Protection Program™ applied to their system:


Condominium, Malls

The property management of some of world’s highest profile buildings have selected the Protect Surface Protection Program™ with the AEGIS® Microbe Shield.  The same is true for tons of individual businesses.  The rational is always the same.  A surface can look clean, but customers are now demanding more than clean. 

We have trained application professionals ready to step up and deliver this protection.  Call us or fill out the info request form below for more information.

We have trained application professionals ready to step up and deliver this protection.  Call us or fill out the info request form below for more information.

Protech Mall

Case Study

Aura Tower

Aura Tower (Toronto) is the tallest condo tower in North America.

Protech healthcare

Healthcare, Dental,

The healthcare environment has been the original and most researched application of the PROTECT Surface Protection Program™.  Surface protection to achieve more than clean been practiced for years.  Enduring antimicrobial product protection is the goal. 

We’ve treated labs, dialysis clinics, waiting rooms, and general surfaces in clinics and hospitals.  We have done applications in vet clinics as well.  If you would like to learn more, give us a call or send us a request for information via the form below.  Does not protect against disease pathogens.


Our homes are our places of refuge.  They can be protected too.  The Protect Enduring Protection Program has been routinely used in residential settings for odor control and more. To learn more, send a request for information to us via the form below.

Protech Residential
Protech Gym

Professional Sports,
Gyms, and More

We are a society that works out. Whether a gym, a yoga studio, a dojo, or whatever, there exist many surfaces requiring coatings with product protection. Professional sports team know this very well. Their inner sanctum is virtually hospital clean.  And many have taken the extra step of protecting coating surfaces to achieve enduring antimicrobial product protection.

Whether you are a weekend warrior, a regular gym rat, or love hot yoga, you expect more than clean facilities. If you are in charge of a facility, be like the pros, call a Protect Pro.  If you would like more info, fill out the form below.

Schools, Colleges,

Now that our kids are getting back to school, they too can benefit from an environment which is more than clean.  They deserve an environment which has achieved enduring antimicrobial product protection. This is where the PROTECT Surface Protection Program is deployed.

If you would like to learn more about applications of the PROTECT Enduring Surface Program™ in educational settings fill out the form below and send it our way. We would love to chat.  Does not protect against disease pathogens.

Protech School
Protech other

Unique, Specialized Applications

If you have a unique circumstance where challenging applications exist, we’ve likely done it.  If you are wondering if an application can be done, our experienced team can show you the way. Send us a note on your challenge and we will get back to you with answers.

If you have questions about aegis or the PROTECT Surface Protection Program™ feel free to reach out to us.  We are happy to speak with you about our product and program.