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Why should you want to work with Protect Technologies?  There are real reasons to select us:

  • Aegis is the world’s leading antimicrobial. It is the most trusted, most used, most researched, antimicrobial in the world.  Aegis is registered:

    • Health Canada PMRA PCP #15133
    • US EPA # 64881-2
    • Make sure that the antimicrobial you are considering is registered properly in your market. Demand to see a product’s registration.  You never want to risk applying a non registered product.  You can never promote a product off label.  There are legal ramifications of non registration and off label promotion.  We are here with all registrations to protect your good reputation.

  • Microban® is the manufacturer of AEGIS®. Microban® is the leader in the development of antimicrobial technologies

  • Protect Technologies, as the master distributor, has experience. We have worked upon application projects ranging from trains, to planes, to buildings, to professional sports teams, and more.  If you are facing an application challenge, you need an experienced team behind you.  We do much more than sell product, we support our partners with:

    • Complete Training and certification
    • Marketing Support
    • Project support such as estimation, management, even application teams

We will help you win jobs!

Jan San

The professionals in the Jan San segment are hired to keep your home, work, or other environment clean and fresh.  As these hygiene professionals are replying to their customer’s increasing desire for more than clean environments, they are also now able to offer an enduring prevention strategy.

Protech Desinfection

Restoration & Remediation

The restoration professional is often called upon for emergency decontamination and large-scale efforts.  Their teams are trained in the handing of chemicals to deal with entire buildings, and other larger surfaces.  As the large-scale experts, they are also now able to offer a prevention strategy to offer enduring antimicrobial protection.

Indoor Air Quality

These professionals are the detectives of their industry.  They find problems of poor air quality within indoor environments and remove them.  A natural extension of their problem resolution business is the offering of a strategy to offer enduring antimicrobial product protection for their clients.

Protech Air
Protech Security


These specialized professionals advise their clients on how to mitigate risk in specialized circumstances ranging from airports to food distribution.  Now they can offer up more than traditional cleaning protocols.  They can now offer enduring antimicrobial product protection.

Crop Security

As an extension of biosecurity, specialized professionals are now recommending the application of the Protec Enduring Protection Program as part of a prevention protocol to increase cleanliness and inhibit the growth of  odor and stain causing mold, mildew, bacteria and fungi when the coating is applied in  the facility.  We are not talking about coating the crop, or preventing any food or crop borne illness,  rather the facility it is grown and handled in. 


If you have questions about aegis or the PROTECT Surface Protection Program™ feel free to reach out to us.  We are happy to speak with you about our product and program.