AEGIS® and the Surface Protection Program™ are two ways to add value to the products you sell and the clients you service.

Working with PROTECT means you get experienced antimicrobial professionals to help you navigate how to integrate the AEGIS Microbe Shield® into your business in a manner that complies with local and federal laws. If you are looking for an antimicrobial partner and you do your due diligence – you will end up choosing AEGIS®.

There are several ways to work with PROTECT and integrate AEGIS® into your business.


AEGIS® Application Partners
  • Jan/San
  • Restoration & Remediation
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Health Care Professionals
  • Biosecurity


AEGIS® Business Integration
  • Vertical Integration
  • Geographic Distribution
  • Sales Development
  • Product Resale

Why Work with PROTECT?

While many antimicrobial technologies and companies have come and gone – AEGIS® has stood the test of time, with over 50 years of proven success. AEGIS® is safe, durable, and effective. By working with PROTECT you get the following:

AEGIS® has been registered with health authorities around the world as a material preservative dating back to the 1970s.

No other antimicrobial has been as thoroughly tested for safety, durability, and efficacy as AEGIS®. PROTECT has a wealth of independent case studies available to support product and program claims for your clients.

For over 50 years, AEGIS® has been the most widely used antimicrobial surface protectant, trusted by name brands and recommended for health care facilities. Align your brand with the most well-known brands to provide your clients a sense of confidence. For a partial list of products that use AEGIS® visit Microban.

Did you know that antimicrobials are federally regulated pest control products? Do not get caught using unregistered pest control products or making false or off-label claims that can damage your or your client’s reputation and may be subject to both fines and imprisonment.

PROTECT has a proven model for success when working with our PROTECT PROs and manufacture integrators including:

  • Training
  • On-going technical support
  • Marketing guidance
  • Sales support and project pricing


To become a PROTECT PRO you must complete a comprehensive training program outlining AEGIS® chemistry and application techniques for a wide range of materials in the built environment. Being a PROTECT PRO allows you access to ongoing technical and sales support, and a proven methodology for shared success.

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From the socks on your feet to the mousepad at your desk – if the product says antimicrobial, odour and stain fighting or antibacterial – it is likely AEGIS®. Learn how you can provide your clients the same level of antimicrobial surface protection by working with PROTECT.
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Please fill out the form below to let us know how you would like to integrate AEGIS® into your business.

AEGIS® is an antimicrobial. It is not a disinfectant nor sanitizer and is not intended to replace these products in normal cleaning protocols. Protect Technologies is the Master Distributor of AEM 5700, and AEM 5772-5, known worldwide as AEGIS®. The AEGIS Microbe Shield® is uniquely used by the Surface Protection Program™