AEGIS® Microbe Shield is riding on Busses and Sky Trains in Vancouver

Hamilton, ON   December 1, 2020 — AEGIS® and copper are being tested on high touch surfaces in trains and busses. Protect Technologies is excited to see its organosilane surface protectant – the AEGIS® Microbe Shield, being part of the BC Transit study to determine the effectiveness of surface modifiers preventing the growth of microorganisms on high touch transit surfaces.

The antimicrobial properties of AEGIS® make it a perfect candidate to protect surfaces from the growth of microorganisms. AEGIS® is registered with Health Canada to prevent the growth of microorganisms on hard and soft surfaces. The study is designed to look at both an organosilane (AEGIS®) and copper for their unique, enduring properties to protect surfaces.

“We are pleased to be a part of this BC Transit study. It shows a commitment to the protection and safety of their passengers,” commented Colin Dickey, President of Protect Technologies, the exclusive master distributor of AEGIS® Microbe Shield in Canada and the USA. “At this time, there are new expectations around the prevention of microbial growth and cleanliness. The addition of the AEGIS® Microbe Shield into the high touch surfaces on their trains and stations reinforces its innovative approach and commitment to health and safety.”

While you cannot see or feel the AEGIS® Microbe Shield, it remains on guard to protect surfaces.

AEGIS® inhibits the growth of microbes on surfaces by utilizing a charge disruption mode of action. Bacteria are attracted to the coating’s positive charge, and upon coming into contact with the treated surface, their outer cell membranes are disrupted. This process is known as Lysis. When combined with consistent cleaning protocols, AEGIS® Microbe Shield will control and prevent the growth of microorganisms on treated surfaces.

PROTECT Technologies is the global distributor for AEGIS®. Registered with global health authorities such as Health Canada, the US Environmental Protection Agency, and the European Union, AEGIS® has a history of safe, durable, long-lasting antimicrobial efficacy. This patented technology is currently used across North America as well as Europe, Asia, India, South America, the Caribbean and Australia. The Surface Protection Program ™ has been used successfully in the transportation industry.

BC Transit is a provincial crown corporation responsible for coordinating the delivery of public transportation within British Columbia, Canada outside Greater Vancouver. BC Transit is headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia

For more information on AEGIS® visit Visit the included video link to learn about AEGIS® from Colin Dickey, President of PROTECT Technologies.

PROTECT Technologies Inc. is a Canadian owned company with the Exclusive Global Distribution rights for AEGIS® Microbe Shield. Formed in 2013, PROTECT Technologies are experts on AEGIS® and its application across a broad range of industries. With business expertise in many industries the Protect teamwork to support distributors, applicators and customers to protect surfaces and create the cleanest, safest environments where we live work and play.

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